Winter is a key period for the production cycle of all crops.

It is the time when vegetables lower their vital functions to a minimum in order to overcome the coldest weeks of the year and, in this way, project their full potential starting in spring.

During these months, it is important to provide nutrients to the substrate of each area and, thus, ensure that the plants grow faster and are healthier, and can offer the best performance.

Agroferti, committed to agriculture

With the aim of obtaining the best from each terrain, Agroferti offers our clients a wide catalog of liquid fertilizers, liquid nitrogen fertilizers, correctors and ecological fertilizers.

Also calcium nitrate solutions, ideal for correcting the deficiency of this essential nutrient; and magnesium nitrate, which improves the assimilation of this nutrient, essential for each species to develop photosynthesis.

In addition, Agroferti makes other industrial solutions available to our clients such as calcium chloride, liquid urea and ammonium sulfate.

Whether you need the component you need, Agroferti has the fertilizer solution for you!

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