We bring all kinds of liquid fertilizers and agronomic solutions to the real needs of our customers, and we do it with the perfect combination of experience, innovation and love for agronomy

Fabricació de productes pròpis

Manufacture of own products

Agroferti products seek excellence, and for this reason we only formulate them with the highest quality raw materials and through a complex filtering system.

Fabricació de productes pròpis
Formulacions a mida - Agroferti
Formulacions a mida

Customized formulations

In addition to producing the wide range of our formulas, our laboratory is in charge of perfecting and adapting these in accordance with the specific needs of our customers’ fields. In this way, we will ensure that we provide the crops with the exact and necessary amount of nutrients to obtain their fruits, taking care of the environment.

Plans d'adobat personalitzats

Personalized fertilizer plans

At the customer’s request, Agroferti are also specialists in designing fertilizer plans. These analyze the specific environment (soil, nutrients, humidity, etc.) of each of the plants (variety, risks, pathologies), so that the application of the product is as accurate as possible.

On the other hand, the Agroferti technical team offers all kinds of agronomic advice and logistics services linked to the products we manufacture and distribute.
Adobs personalitzats - Agroferti
I + D + i - Agroferti
I+D+i Agrofertic

R + D + i

We have an experienced R+D+D Department, which is responsible for the research of new formulations and solutions in accordance with the needs and productive challenges of our customers.

The mastery of the formulation world also allows us to offer the services of our laboratory to third parties, and to produce products under their label.

La terra, l'aigua i el camp


Such is our commitment to our society and the planet, that our fertilizers comply to the letter with the most demanding national and international regulations and the highest quality standards.

On the other hand, we also take care of the environment at Agroferti with the personalized attention of our customers, whom we advise on the importance of using the exact amount of each product depending on the type of crop, the right time of the calendar, the developmental stage of the plant, and the soil conditions.


Agroferti has its own logistics fleet that enables our liquid fertilizers, and our industrial and chemical products, to supply the national and European market. From tanker trucks with motor-pumps, which allow the bulk service to be carried out directly on the farm or in the distribution warehouse, to trucks and transports for 1,000 L containers, and distribution of bottles (5, 10, 20 and 25 L.).

An agile and reliable service that guarantees the safety and tracking of the product from purchase to application.

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